Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Making Sheet Valances

Well, what do you think of the window treatment? Ten years ago when I made it the fabric was appropriate for the space.
The fabric was tacked to a 1x4 and attached with a small bracket. However, it is now Anthony's bedroom and it doesn't quite go with his decor.


So, I went to Walmart and bought a flat sheet to make a valance more fitting a boy. When I opened it I realized that the top had an interesting design and I needed more of it then a single twin sheet could provide. I had a choice, I could fit this sheet back into its bag or go buy another one, they cost $5. There was no way I was going to fit that back into the bag so I bought another twin flat sheet. It comes in a cool little bag which I plan on using for something else in his room. Not sure quite yet what it will be but my brain is thinking about it.

My tools; a piece of 1x4, tacks, tack hammer and about 18 inches off of the sheet.

First I tacked the two ends so that it would fall down the side.

Then I tacked it towards the middle and then with the extra fabric I folded it over to make a big pleat. I used the entire top portion so that I wouldn't have to sew any seams. The little pieces of tape were placed 15 inches up so that the valance would come out somewhat even.


I use tacks because that was what I was raised on. I remember my dad putting tacks in his mouth and then putting the magnetic side of the hammer to his mouth and placing the tacks on it one by one. My grandfather was an upholster by trade and my dad worked his way through college with the same trade. Anything that could be upholstered in our house was. The sheet is light so I imagine that hot glue may work as well.

My brackets were still in place so I sat the wood on it and screwed it in place.

The finished product. Definitely more befitting a boys bedroom.

Now I need to do something with the little bags and all the extra fabric I have. Another project for another day.


  1. Wow, they look like professional!

  2. Wow, I saved more money than I could have from GEICO!:)

  3. Very cool project!!!

    I bought those same sheets for Peter's bed...they seem oddly soft for a $5 sheet! They go with the Airplane comforter I bought several months ago there on clearance for $7!!