Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Zoo

Spring is finally here and that requires a trip to the zoo.
Where you feed the lorikeets....

Larissa wasn't too sure about it....she preferred that the bird fed from my arm.

This is why I take the pictures!

Success.....Larissa allowed a bird to stay on her own arm.

We also rode the carousel.

Did some rock climbing.
Last time Anthony wasn't willing to do it, this time he did and enjoyed it.

Sarah, Joselin and Tylor even gave it a try.

We even checked out some animals.

And they checked us out.....wonder if they think we look funny.

We got to feed some giraffes.

We had a great time and got out there by noon right when the crowds were showing up.
Tonight John and I are going on a date! Looks like it will be a good weekend. I might even find some time to do some school work that really needs to get done.


  1. Fun. The only zoo near us is small and very expensive so we usually only visit zoos on vacations.

  2. This zoo will nickel and dime you to death. We paid the family pack price, Ka-ching! which included all the extra optional activities.

  3. I don't think that the price was too bad. We paid $149 for a family annual pass that includes all the attractions. Bird and giraffe feeding, pony rides, carrousel, train ride, rock climbing and whatever else I missed. We had 7 kids and 2 adults that day and can go back as often as we like.

  4. What fun! Our zoo doesn't let us hold the birds. What great photos!