Monday, April 17, 2017

Spring Break Trampoline Park

I didn't have much planned for spring break. I promised the kids the zoo and the trampoline park. I had two young-ins with me so I only stuck with them, you know, to keep them from being trampled.

Larissa did the best at the tight rope

Vaida wanted to follow in Larissa's foot steps

If I would have fallen into one of those pits it would have taken all of my kids to help pull me out! 

Jason was with us, he said that his legs were sore for days. I think that this is a great activity for the younger crowd!

We ate Moe's afterwards before heading back home.

Nothing better than making a mud puddle and having some fun.

We have been doing a lot and I actually have a lot to write about. The kids are back in school now so I will be writing posts every 12 hours until I am caught up! Next post at 10 am my time.

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