Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Do all little boys sleep with their swords?

I really tried to be conservative with Easter baskets this year. The older kids got a little candy and some nice swimming goggles (they cost more than I would normally buy). Benjamin got some cheaper goggles and a Paw Patrol animal, he is really into Paw Patrol. Normally I hide the baskets but I got lazy this year and put them in their rooms. I had to stop hiding them because Emma would get up extra early and sneak and find the baskets and eat from them. I think that next year I will go back to hiding them because I really enjoy that tradition.

We had a really low key day. We went to church and then came home and let the kids swim. Tasha and Ethan had to be at the in-laws house for lunch so we planned a dinner.

After eating we called the burn number and put in our information to burn yard waster. The kids made some smores (yes, our backyard neighbor who has called to complain about us burning was watching over the fence)

I sat with my mom while she ate her Easter meal. I also got her some candy, she loves her sweets. Life has been very hard on her lately. She has done a little better since starting her new medications but she will still cry on occasion.  If you ask her why she is crying she says she doesn't know but says over and over she is sorry. It is heartbreaking.

When I sit in her room the activity of the house shifts to her room. She enjoys it for a bit but can only take the noise for a little while. It doesn't stop her crying and the kids get upset with it, they don't understand and want me to help her. I struggle with the crying. It tears me up.

She loves Benjamin and he loves her. He came in to give her some loving.

That was our Easter. I didn't go out and buy matching dresses, I didn't spend a huge amount of money on candy, we didn't color any eggs, we didn't even take a family picture. We just came together and spent time together. 

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