Friday, April 14, 2017

Glasses Time

 The kids were past due for their eye exams. Larissa and Michelle got new glasses. Anthony and Emma didn't need any. Emma has -.25 in one eye and wanted glasses real bad but even the optician said she didn't need glasses.

I try to keep up with eye exams because of my own experience. In the 4th grade I was put into a special math class because they thought that I had a learning disability. Once I got into the math class I excelled because it was all on paper. It was at that time that everyone realized that I did math fine, I was just blind! I remember that first day wearing glasses. I didn't realize that roofs actually had straight lines and so much detail out there in the world! I don't want my kids to go through life seeing everything blurry and not even realizing it. Seems like most of my kids do wear glasses!

The girls picked out their own glasses.

Benjamin wanted some too

He got a pair of blue glasses from the children's store next door.

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