Monday, April 10, 2017


I am often asked if we have any foster kids yet, nope. Our paperwork hasn't even been submitted to the state yet. It is so frustrating. One hold up was my moms SLED check. It didn't come back with the others. Our licensing worker got frustrated and called SLED herself. They had a big turnover so only one person was working that section. She asked me if we could just pay the $25 and do it online. We did.

She submitted the paperwork to her boss and she came back wanting 90 days worth of pay vouchers (it has taken so long that our other ones were old). We sent her that and she sent it up to her boss. Now we wait for her to give it back to our licensing worker so she can submit it to the state.

In the meantime we are trying to get some house repairs done and yard work is always in progress. We had a hole in the pool and it took us hiring someone to find it, well worth the $400.

Either way, we are ready. We have 2 free beds and a crib.

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