Tuesday, April 18, 2017

No Eggs Here

I have been helping with coloring Easter eggs for 27 years. I am tired of coloring Easter eggs. I have to boil a lot because you can't just color one, the kids spends a few minutes coloring them and then they sit in my fridge and rot because my kids don't really eat them.

This year I decided to have them each do a stepping stone for a part of my yard that refuses to grow anything. Actually Benjamin did two because we needed his handprint.

We have been doing a lot of plantings so we had these thin plastic pots sitting around. I put some dirt in the bottom because I didn't need them that thick.

I bought some colored stones and let them do whatever they wanted to do. They all enjoyed creating their own stepping stone.

I do wonder how those stones will hold up. Benjamin sunk his in the most, some all they way. I guess time will tell. If they fall out I will give them some paint and have them paint the depressions.

I need to do a handprint for Vaida and some of the older kids wanted to do one, when the project is complete and in the ground I will post a picture!

Who colors eggs? Any other Easter traditions that you do?

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