Monday, April 10, 2017


We have been really busy here so I am way behind in blogging. My objective is to catch up in the next three days, in the meantime here is a small snapshot of our days.

We have had several storms come through, school was even closed at 11 am one day. Unfortunately our roof is leaking again. It hasn't leaked for a long time and through many storms.

Eating at our favorite place. We love our San Jose.

Larissa has a problem with someone taking her mechanical pencils so we made some with messages for whoever it doing it.

When you have many kids and go through the Krispy Kreme donut drive through, you may get handed many napkins.

When you have one child who has destroyed two different vacuum cleaners so you borrow a Rainbow, you may get a nasty surprise.

Kitty is getting so big and is so sweet.

Learned how to make these wreaths at a church event. 

When your daughter decides to take her braids out (and she is excited because a substitute teacher came to school with her hair down).

After a rainy day!


  1. I love her hair! I'm so glad a role model reinforced her desire to wear it natural.

  2. Larissa is lovely with her natural hair. It suits her face so well.