Thursday, March 2, 2017

Failed Fire Inspection

Well, we failed the fire inspection. It was our fault, we had moved a bed into the room over the garage. Anthony wants to bunk in there and we are letting him. However, that room didn't have a fire alarm in it. Also, the door is at the bottom of the stairs and it had been removed long ago. Plus, we had a broken outlet cover. The door is back on, the outlet cover has been replaced and a fire alarm has been ordered.

We couldn't find our interconnected, battery operated alarm in any of the local stores so we had to order it online. The worse part is going to be figuring out how to get the new alarm how to talk to the existing alarms. It was a real pain to set up in the first place.Folks, I have so many fire alarms in my home it isn't even funny.  The fire marshal gave me a heads up and said that soon our wired alarms (yes we have those too) will have to be able to talk with our interconnected system. That makes no sense, the wired alarm is sitting right next to the new system we had to get.

I also found out that if you buy the fire extinguishers with a plastic handle then they are only good for 6 years. Well, they are still good but you can'g get them inspected past 6 years so they are worthless for what we have to have it for. If you look on the bottom of the extinguisher it gives the year it was made.

Also, we were given notice that our numbers on our mailbox were not big enough. She wasn't going to fail us on that because there were numbers on both sides of the mailbox and they were very noticeable, but she warned me that the next person might fail us for that, the numbers have to be 4 inches tall, the ones we have are 3 inches tall.

We could have just taken the bed out of the FROG and replaced the light cover and we would have been fine.  However, we have decided to keep that as a bedroom and are currently painting it the color that Anthony picked. Anthony wants to stay there and it is a good place for him....away from Michelle. Those two do not get along at all and separation is a good thing.

The fire inspection was on the same day that we had to be out of my shop. It was a stressful weekend! We got the shop cleared out but didn't pass the inspection. We will reschedule the fire inspection and carry on. I just wonder how long it will take for them to get back out here!

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  1. I'm glad we don't have to do that for adoption, only foster care! What a stressful day for you!