Wednesday, March 8, 2017

No Fear

For now I have finished my work on Anthony's mural. I need to get back to painting the rest of the walls. I also need to take a closet unit out of this room and put it in Emma and Michelle's room. Friday I go to DSS and start on a mural in the visitation room.

The fisherman pulling from above and the monster pulling from below, who wins? This design came to me in a dream, strange isn't it.

Tomorrow we have our final visit from the social worker completing our license and then we wait for the state to do their job. Our social worker tells me that it only takes about a week to get the license if all is in order. I guess I will know soon enough!


  1. Such a different mural but a definite hit I bet with Anthony.

  2. Great mural! I really like that you frequently create and allow your children to create, too.