Monday, March 27, 2017

School lunch/orthodontist

Today I had to pick all the kids up from school to take them to the orthodontist. I picked them up at 1 and 1:30 (two different schools). All of them were complaining that they were hungry. They told me that they had cheese sticks, salad and carrots for lunch. I didn't believe them, I thought surely you had something with more substance than that. So I looked on the school website. It stated the same plus a wedge of an apple (the kids told me it was a part of an apple). Who comes up with these menus? Are they made to ensure that kids stay hungry? What exactly do they think that kids will eat as soon as they get home? In many homes I am sure it is junk food. I didn't put "feed the kids" into the tight schedule so they picked up snack food when we stopped by the house to pick up Benjamin and Noah.

The orthodontist has a little play area where Noah and Benjamin played.

Noah kept crawling out of the area and escaping so Benjamin said that he would block his escape.

When Noah got past the first block Benjamin tried a different wasn't very successful.

I got the news that I was expecting. Emma and Michelle will get their braces next. Actually this is Michelle's second set. I sure wish that adoptions would cover braces! Anthony got the good news that next week he will get his braces off, however I am still paying on them until December. Our orthodontist offers a payment program where he doesn't charge any interest. We will be making payments on four sets of braces for a while. Actually, I have changed a vacation that I had hoped to take in 2018 to 2019 because of this.

After the orthodontist I took the kids to Chic fil A where we met my husband. After that we stopped for a sno cone. Not the healthiest of food but at least they weren't hungry when they went to bed.

The Wait

I am curious, how are school lunches in your area?


  1. For the most part, the school feeds them foods I would not want my son eating every day. There is a chicken sandwich that does have a good amount of chicken in it but it's breaded and on a bun. Luckily, my son is not in love with their food so he is happy to take his lunch almost every day. I don't entirely blame the school system, though. I've heard from many parents, and several teachers, that much of the healthier fare, like salads and veggies, go into the trash. If the parents don't make those foods everyday stars in their at-home diets, they aren't going to eat them in school. dogs, nachos, pizza, nuggets and Uncrustables are in rotation. I say all of this with the understanding that there are many households that don't have access to fresh foods, or even a place to prep food. I am not referring to those.

  2. The school I taught at had a rule that if the kids threw away fruit we were not allowed to give it to someone else. My own children took their lunches and so do my grandchildren. School food is not what it was when I went to school and they actually cooked it there.

  3. We are so lucky here in France! The lunch menu includes an entrée, the main dish with either meat or fish or eggs, with veggies/pasta/rice etc. on the side, then some sort of cheese and a dessert. I can send you a montly menu if you are interested :) The children don't like everything but they are encouraged to at least take a bite and try everything on their plate. This is how you teach taste..