Thursday, March 16, 2017


Larissa had a vocabulary parade project due Wednesday. Because of her time spent in her regular classroom, her absences and her teacher absences I wasn't able to communicate with the teacher until Monday to confirm that Larissa was doing a cell. Larissa was under the impression that she couldn't do a cell because someone else in the class was doing it.

Monday we discussed what she wanted to do, paper, paint, cardboard, sew....the options are limitless.  Larissa decided that she wanted to sew. She had a neurologist appointment on Tuesday in Columbia so we left early to visit Hobby Lobby for some supplies. We had a vague plan.

We came home with supplies and actually never used the foam board.

Larissa picked her colors, pinned, cut, sewed and made the labels. 

She also had dance in the middle of it.

I helped with some of the more difficult sewing parts, direction, adding thread and general guidance.

I have a sewing area set up in the garage, the other kids were playing while we worked.

Larissa had never sewn before. She had asked me to show her and we just never made the time. I think it is time to get some type of patterns and show her how to work with patterns. (I typically just wing it without patterns)

At first she was very leery of that needle.

But she got more comfortable as the evening went on.

Completed a mitochondria.

As sewed and stuffed different parts we decided that we didn't need to use the stiff foam board (Actually that would make it harder to transport on the bus.) Instead we stuffed it and sewed it onto an apron to wear in the parade. She did a great job and a large portion of it was done by her.

It is very well sewn and will not come apart. It has the feel of a small comforter.

Tomorrow I will write about the very frustrating neurologist visit.