Monday, March 6, 2017

Benjamin is 3

Warning...picture overload

The day before his party I made Benjamin's birthday cake. I got the idea off of Pinterest but didn't have the smaller circle pans so the dimensions are off a bit.  Benjamin didn't care, he was excited about his cake. He couldn't go to bed and got up early. I had put his cake in the fridge in the garage and he woke up bright and early telling me his cake was cold. We took it out to warm up for him.

We had a small party and included some painting.

Yes, that is a bite mark.

I loved this party. Benjamin was old enough to know that we were celebrating him. He was so happy all day and behaved so well. He loved everything about his day.

Yes, he is eating out of a doggie dish. 

It was new and he ate breakfast out of it today, he cleaned it himself.

He got a few gifts and loved all of them. I think that his favorite was a camera. Vaida helped him with the unwrapping and he shared some of his toys with her. I love their relationship.

Marshall got into the cake and ice cream.

Benjamin's painting. There are paint brushes stuck to it, we left them.

Larissa took a very long time on hers and she did a great job.

Noah slept through most of the celebration but he did enjoy eating out afterwards. He is an eater!

It is hard to believe that our little short term placement baby is now 3, he is growing up so fast.

If you call my house, he most likely will answer the phone. 

Happy birthday to my little sweet one.

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