Saturday, August 6, 2016

I'm Back!

We got back from Texas and got extremely busy. The youth minister at our church is blind but can see with the help of some electronic glasses that cost $15,000. Naturally insurance doesn't cover them. No one at the church was willing to take on fund raising beyond a go fund me account so I decided to give it a go. I am not a fundraiser but I decided to do it for July. We had bake sales, raffles and ended with a painting party. I had a friend working with me and we had some crazy good bake sales. One bake sale brought in over $900, we raised over $3500 this month

We got back from Texas Wednesday and I had a bake sale that Friday, three painting parties on Saturday, moved my entire shop on Sunday, had art camp all week and a painting party today. I am tired. Very tired.

Larissa also had a dance performance this afternoon and we couldn't find her dance bag. Her outfit had white boots that went with it. We went out early this morning and bought white knee highs and new jazz shoes (we threw hers away after recital last year since they were too small). It was so tempting to just say we couldn't make it but we knew that there weren't a lot of dancers who volunteered so we had to go on. They did great but it was so hot.

So hot it required sno cones. We seem to have a little problem with sno cones at our house. We eat way too many of them.

Tomorrow I will write all about the changes is our painting studio. Lots of changes going on there.

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