Thursday, August 11, 2016

Back to School

Larissa suddenly decided that she wanted to go back to school. Then she got worried and asked if I would pick her up if she had a headache, she has been having more headaches lately. We had planned on putting her back into school when she went to middle school. Her IEP has expired so we were going to start early to make sure that everything was in place. Well, she is going back early and we hadn't gotten anything in place. She has no IEP or any other interventions in place.

Over a week ago I contacted the school to see what we needed to do. An email was sent up to the district level and I was copied on it. There was no response. This morning I got online and registered her. We had already discussed that we would do medical homebound if we had to. Well, I tried to register her online. I had to take proof of residency up to the school and when I got in the parking lot the school called me and asked me which kid did I try to register that morning. When I said Larissa, she responded that I actualy enrolled myself, Ack, I don't care to repeat 5th grade. I had a long conversation with the secretary and she promised to get stuff rolling. I later received a call from the school and we are having an emergency meeting in the morning.

When we pulled Larissa out the school was having a hard time dealing with the combination of health issues and learning disabilities. Really nothing has changed except that Larissa has matured some. Larissa did not do well when she was pulled out of class. She struggles in all areas so pulling her out meant that she missed some classroom instruction. She could not catch up in that. She also did half days. That didn't go so well, she didn't feel attached to the school and I didn't feel that she accomplished much at all in terms of academics.

It will be an interesting conversation to see if anyone has any ideas. Larissa has asked to stay in the self contained classroom. I am on the wall about that option. Hopefully tomorrow will be productive.


  1. I will be praying that you are able to come up with a workable solution that will meet Larissa's needs. Keep me posted!

  2. Hope you can find a solutions that works for everyone.