Monday, August 22, 2016

Trying to Find Normal

We are still trying to find our normal here. Lucky for me the school bus decided that they would pick my kids up on the way back so they get picked up after 7, we were leaving at 7 to get the kids to two different schools on time. So no more driving in the morning for me! Yay, that means I don't have to wake up Benjamin. Sarah went back to college Sunday and Jason and Joselin have one foot out the door so I had no adult at home to watch him even in his sleep.

In a few weeks I go back to the school for Larissa's IEP. So far they have not done any testing. I have my paperwork done and I believe that they will get their done in time. They have 30 days from the first meeting but we made the next meeting for 3 weeks. From the first week of papers I can see that she has the same grammar, spelling issues as usual. I see more problems with reading comprehension and I assume that is the difference between a classroom full of kids and one on one instruction. For free reading I noticed that her teacher gave her a book that is way below her reading level. However, Larissa says that she really likes it so I am letting it be since it is reading for enjoyment and she is enjoying it. Emma on the other hand came home with a book that is way above her reading level. She picked it because there was a dog on the front. At reading time tonight she just thumbed through the pages, not really reading it at all.

Anthony and Michelle come home with no homework. Anthony did that often last year and then we found out he did have homework, he was just getting away with not doing it since there was no communication. The lack of communication is a concern of mine. The kids go from 5th grade where they give daily behavior charts to the parents to almost nothing at the middle school. The behavior has to be repeated several times before  parent hears about it, if they hear about it at all. I realized last year that Anthony was forging my signature often. I have an email in to his teacher letting her know that I want an email whenever he is written up. I do wonder how Michelle is doing, She rarely had a good week last year, I doubt that changed over the summer.

Benjamin is really acting out. No is his favorite new word. He sulks and has more tantrums than usual. I hope that he gets used to being the only child home during the day soon!

Curious, are all of your children back to school? What is the most frustrating part of the new year for you?

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  1. Waiting it out until they catch on to K's little games. Already got a call from the school that her shoes fell apart and we needed to buy new ones. She has two pairs of new ones. She wore ones she was supposed to take care of but obviously mutilated.