Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Day 1 went great. All the kids were happy to start a new year. All the kids came home happy.

Day 2, 3/4 of the kids came home happy. Larissa came home looking upset. She spent the rest of her day either crying or sleeping. She couldn't really explain what was wrong. From what she did say she sounded stressed. I am hoping that it is just an adjustment issue and that things will start to get better.

We try to give her every opportunity to be rested. She goes to bed at 8pm and is woken at 6:30. We leave at 7 for school drop offs. The buses wanted to come at 6:15 and we weren't willing to wake her before 6:30 so I take the kids to two different schools every morning. They take the buses home. Larissa and Emma are home at 3 and Michelle and Anthony get home a little after that.

Benjamin is having a hard time with being the only little one at home. He is doing a lot of acting out.

I took him to the shop and let him paint. He is getting a lot of mom time.

He is practicing his dancing as well.

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  1. All three of my kids are out of district, but the charter school does have a bus. I have to drive Jasmine and Kaleb. First day today it took over an hour round trip. It is quite a ways, but I'm hoping it gets better.