Friday, August 19, 2016

Week One

Week one of school is over. It has been a rough week. Benjamin is struggling with everyone being gone. I have played many games and watched too many cartoons with him. He wants me by his side all the time and has major breakdowns when I leave the house. Sarah goes back to college Sunday and my husband is going TDY next week so I imagine that next week will be hard too. The following week Jason and Joselin will move out. Actually they will start moving on Monday, they are getting the key to their new place over the weekend and will start moving all their stuff (they have a lot of stuff in my garages).

Larissa has a good first day followed by a terrible crying and sleeping day. Wednesday was fine and Thursday I picked her up early to go to the doctors for the note that the school IEP team wants. Her doctor isn't too sure that going back to school is the best idea but she wrote me the note I needed. Naturally I picked her up a little early so we could do lunch. At lunch she told me that she was crying on Tuesday because she was stressed. She couldn't articulate on Tuesday what the problem was. We talked about some coping ideas and what to do at school when she feels that way.

Emma is happy with her teacher. She is new to the school so I don't know much about her. I do know that she has several pieces of paperwork that I have to sign daily, not sure if I will be able to keep up with that. She had meet the teacher on Thursday which I totally missed.

Thursday was one of those days. Anthony had an ortho appt in Columbia. The plan was to meet my husband for dinner, stop off at dance registration and head over to the school for meet the teacher (it was only 30 minutes long) then go to a Norwex fundraising party a little late. Anthony's ortho broke one of his brackets. That meant that we were at the office until closing, met my husband late for a little Moe's. We were running so late that he took some of the kids home while I went to dance registration and Norwex party. We didn't get back to town in time for the school event.

Michelle is enjoying middle school. She wants to join everything. Science club, book club, chorus, Spanish club. Problem with that is they are all after school and someone has to pick her up those nights. Reading the science club newsletter I see that I would need to pick her up at the same time that I am dropping Larissa off for dance. The letter says that if we are 15 minutes late they will participate in the Be Great Academy Safety Net Program, I have no idea what that is but doesn't sound good. Of course the attached sheet explaining this program is no attached. With Jason gone I am back to being the only driver home until about 6. Anthony never wanted to join any of these clubs and Michelle wants to join every one of them. I am thinking that I need to tell her to pick 2 of her favorites and manage that.

Anthony is happy with his classes. He has the same special education teacher that he had last year. He has complained about Michelle, tells me that she does stuff to embarrass him. Ah, the challenges of having siblings at school. He has no interest in joining anything. He doesn't want to do sports, any type of music or clubs. He is going to Boy Scouts with Kim so hopefully he will start to enjoy that. I wish that he would develop an interest in something.

The weekend is here and it will be a busy one. We have 4 painting parties tomorrow and then Sarah gets moved into her dorm on Sunday. Then we start a week without daddy coming home. I miss him already!

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  1. Ha Ha! Now you know why the twins are in different schools and have been since third grade!! One less thing to deal with although I have to deal with transportation.