Sunday, July 31, 2016

Texas Continued

When we moved to San Antonio our hotel had internet problems. I wasn't able to post and it put me behind!

Texas was hot, so hot we planned mostly indoor activities.

We went to the mall just to browse and naturally see how many of us could fit inside a photo booth.

We visited with out old church which we greatly miss. They were getting ready for VBS and had a great period of worship with the children. We were warmly greeted and even remembered.

We decided to take the kids to see the Riverwalk and Alamo (some of them didn't know what the Alamo was!) Because of the heat we did a record breaking quick trip. Benjamin slept through the Riverwalk but woke up for the Alamo.

That evening was our anniversary and Sarah watched the kids while John and I went out for some steak. It was delicious.

We had enough of the outside so we headed to a Children's Museum the next day. 

All the kids loved it. It was small but full of activities.

Naturally we had to get boots. Benjamin picked out his on his own.

We travelled back to Houston to spend the night since we had an early flight. We checked out the Water Wall downtown in the rain.

We were supposed to meet up with my brother for dinner. However, it was raining and both of us would have travelled almost an hour in good weather to just meet in the middle we decided to just stay put. He is coming to SC in September.

We had to get up and out very early, before Benjamin gets up early.

We thought aht we left in plenty of time. We had to return the rental car and get through security. However, at each stop we were met with delays, got in wrong lines and everything else you can think of. As my backpack got pulled at security I told John to go on to the plane with all the kids except Benjamin I wondered if I would make it. I figured it would be easier to book a new flight with 2 versus 8. The item that caused me further delay? Hershey kisses.

I grbbed Benjamin and rushed through the terminal and got to the plane right as they were closing the doors. Whew, the biggest challenge was that Southwest doesn't have assigned seating so the only seats left were the middle seats. All the aisle and window seats were taken. I was able to get one person to move so I could sit next to Benjamin and I could see Emma. I wasn't able to see the other kids and I really didn't like that. I don't think that we will fly with Southwest again I didn't realize that they didn't do assigned seating before I booked. 

Benjamin didn't understand the stress of the moment, he was just happy to be sitting next to momma and flying. He LOVES to fly.

At one point Benjamin noticed that Emma had fallen asleep, hahaha, he copied her for a few seconds.

After we landed and John spent forever finding our car we realized that he had left his phone at security in Houston. We had to open and account with FedEx to get it mailed to us. It arrived home a day after we did.

Whew, there you have it, our super quick little vacation full of excitement!

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