Sunday, July 17, 2016

Catching Up

It has been a very busy week. We had a painting party for kids and parents and painted giraffes. We had a packed house. Parents are enoying doing an indoor activity with their children. Actually we are having growing pains. We are maxed out for table space and fill them on these days.

Then on Monday our Art Camp started. We were very busy the entire week.

Pigs tail holder

Benjamin woke up one morning and said he was coming to the studio to paint.
I brought him and let him paint, I wonder if he will be a leftie like me. None of my kids are.

He showed all the kids how to clean up.

We decided to show the kids how to make paracord bracelets this time around. We have some kids doing more than one art camp so we are chinging each one up a little.

It was exciting watching them learning a new skill and their excitement when they realized that they could do it.

Our upcycling project was a kaleidoscope made from a Pringles can.

We used plastic packaging that is normally thrown out as well.

They came out very interesting.

We survived the week and then had a bake sale Saturday morning. Our youth minister Jack is blind but has tried on some electronic glasses that allow him to see. Great, except insurance doesn't cover them and they cost $15,000. No one has been doing any fund raising so I stepped up to do some even though I have no idea what I am doing. We raised almost $700 that day.

Saturday evening we had a Flamingo painting party. During the party the owner of this strip center came by and offered me the front store, it is twice the size and twice the price. I decided to go for it even though the cost worries me. Also, the place is a mess and that will be more expense for me. And time as well, which I don't have.

Today was a complete down day. We went to church, grabbed some snocones and just relaxed. It is Joselin's birthday today but we are going to celebrate tomorrow since she is working in town this weekend.

I am doing laundry and then start the packing process. Some of my kids had already packed but we are going to have to redo it. They are used to road trips, not plane trips. A couple of the kids are scared to fly, they have never flown before.

We get back next week and I have a few days before we have a fund raising painting for Jack (yes, a jack rabbit) and a birthday party. Then the following Monday we have Art Camp again. I don't know how I got so overscheduled! I have had people ask me to do more camps but I just don't have the time or energy. With each camp we do different activities and we adjust them according to the kids that come. We evaluate them the first day and determine what modifications we have to make. The kids love it and grow so much during the week. We have several kids who sign up for the next camp mid-week. Our August camp is full.

While I am gone Tasha is going to paint her octopus painting.

I don't know when I will have time to move shop and make modifications that I need. Stressing a little over here!

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