Friday, July 22, 2016

Texas Trip

We drove to Atlanta the day before we were to fly out to avoid traffic and make sure we were at the airport on time. We went to visit the World of Coca Cola.

The next morning we went to hang out at the airport. We were flying Southwest and they do not have assigned seating, we had to be there in time to be seated after the A ticket holders.

For many of my kids this was their first flight. The only issue we had the entire time was when Michelle decided that everyone needed to hear her music and she blared it throughout the plane. .
I hadn't thought of sharing that little bit of airplane etiquette. Benjamin liked flying and didn't give us any trouble on the plane.

We landed and I called my dad and left a message. His wife called back and said to pick a restaurant and they would meet us. I asked if she had any idea of family friendly restaurants in the area. She said no. Then she said to pick something and let her know.

We met with our niece and her two kids for dinner and I called my brother who lives in the area for dinner ideas. I also asked him to come along. He hasn't seen our dad since the last time I saw him either. Probably about 8 years ago. They live less than an hour apart.

Our rental car. I like the interior but not all the blind spots.
I can't see out the back because of the design.

We went to be tourists today.

Benjamin said, "He's got lots of bandaids mum!"

Larissa wondered how anyone fits in there.

After a few museums we wee hungry and had to get some BBQ.

It was very good.

We came back to the hotel to let the kids swim and relax until we head out to eat at Gringos. Tomorrow we are heading to San Antonio.

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  1. And so did you see your dad (my dad is pretty similar!)??