Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Texas Trip

Not too long ago I decided that my kids should meet my dad. They have asked if he was still alive. I think that last time I saw him was about 8 years ago. I know that when we moved to Texas for a year he never had time to see us. I know that I haven't seen him since that time. I looked back through my blog to see if I had any pictures of him and couldn't find any. I did find a post where I wrote about our relationship, or lack thereof.

So I called him and told him that I was thinking of coming out to Texas to see him and let him meet my kids that he has never met. I told him when we were looking at coming and he said OK. I reserved the plane tickets, rented a huge van (that cost almost as much at the plane tickets) and started making hotel reservations. I called last week to firm up plans. His wife returned my call. She said that they were going out of town the end of this week but should be back. Said we could meet for dinner on the Friday after we get there. Folks, I am spending thousands of dollars to go to dinner with my dad. It would be so much cheaper if he came here for dinner, he never will.

So we will be in Houston for a day or two (hope to meet up with my brother) and then we are heading to San Antonio. We will have a few days there and then back to Houston to fly out. We have some new kids who have not seen the Alamo or been to the Riverwalk. We are taking Sarah and all 5 of the little ones. Only Sarah has flown before so it should be an interesting flight and trip.

We fly out in about 2 weeks, I sure hope that this isn't a huge expensive mistake.


  1. not that you asked for advice, but it's probably best if you focus on this trip as an excursion for the kids/stuff they've never seen and HEY look! it's my dad. because the dad part seems sketchy as best--who knows if he'll show etc.'s hoping....

  2. Oh! I'll pray he takes the time... But do focus on the other fun you will have because this could be a disaster. 😰