Saturday, July 9, 2016

Pool Time

Benjamin swims very confidentialy with his swimming flotation device. Sometimes we worry that he is too confident. After twin boys drowned in a pool because they thought that they could swim because they always wore flotation devices we stepped up his swimming training.

We get into the pool with him and take off his flotation device. We stand a few feet apart and have him swim between both of us. He has become more aware of what he can do with his floatie and without it. When we were done swimming he got out and put his float back on (he can do it himself). Our goal is to have him swimming by the end of summer. He loves the water and we want him to be safe.

Of course everyone wanted their pictures taken. Anthony wasn't out, he had just gotten back from camp and was too tired to swim. Haha, they wore him out. The pool looks dirty because we had a big storm come through the night before and we haven't finished cleaning out the debris.

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