Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Weeds

Who knew that some weeds would become a source of a battle. I do not tolerate disrespect from my children. Just don't. So when Michelle disrespected me on Saturday I gave her a chore. I gave her a spot in the front yard that needed weeding. I figured that it would take her a few hours. It was a section of the yard with a few trees and weeds. She didn't have to try and sort out flowers and weeds. If it was green it was a weed. I thought it would be a simple job. Keep in mind, our yard is sand, pulling weeds is not hard.

After a bit she comes to me to tell me she is done. I go out to look at her spot and am confused. I asked her what she pulled and she said the weeds with the little purple flowers. That is not what I told her to do. I explain once again that everything growing in that area is a weed. Pull it all.

Saturday, Sunday and Monday she "pulled" weeds. She put pine straw on top of some to "hide" them. She pulled some and threw them on top on unpulled weeds explaining that she pulled them all, just didn't put them in the wheelbarrow. She filled the wheelbarrow with pine straw to show how many weeds she pulled. She has done everything possible to not pull weeds.

I explained to her that once her chore was done she was off restriction. Something that I thought would take 2 hours has taken more than 3 days. The person she is hurting is herself. At the rate she is going new weeds will grow while she is playing her game. Sometimes it is just hard to understand why they chose the battles that they do.

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  1. If you EVER come up with the answer to that million dollar question, please share!!