Monday, April 11, 2016


Most of the fence is up and we are working as fast as possible on a speedway in the play area. No riding vehicles are allowed around the pool and it is a challenge with Benjamin our speedy boy.

Nothing got done today as we ran out of wood and I didn't make it to Lowe's. Maybe we will get something done tomorrow but not likely since it is supposed to rain.

We expect that Benjamin will learn to climb the fence.  However, he can't do it with his riding toys. the riding toys have been our biggest concern as he has gone in the pool several times with them. He can float but not when he is tangled within a huge toy.

The play area is pretty big but it is a sand pit. Our entire yard is one big sand pit and it doesn't seem to matter what we put on it, it quickly disintegrates.

We will have a circular speedway along with the swing set and sandbox. The trampoline has been taken down since it was developing a hole. We hope to add an elevated play structure in the middle of the speedway and we have ordered a seesaw from Amazon. We brought back the basketball pole and plan on building something for that as well.  I just wish I could find some type of ground cover that would keep our sand issues down. Grass, mulch and pine straw didn't work out.

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