Saturday, April 16, 2016

Life at Our House

I did not dress him, my husband did and apparently he couldn't find matching shoes.

Tasha and Vaida came for a visit and picked up Sarah along the way.

The shop needs more tables. Yes, we have the need already. It needed a paint job so we gave it one.

Everyone was working on it and most of us walked away for a few minutes to talk with someone. When we came back Michelle had smeared a section of it up. We worked on making it look less obvious. I don't know why she did that, she was involved in the painting. It took her 4 days to pick her weeds but she had done it and wasn't on any restrictions. She said that she just felt like doing it.

I have taught all the kids that if they want paint at the shop they have to clean up after themselves. For some reason Michelle didn't. I reminded her and she still did half a job.

The next day I came to the shop and was putting the washed paint brushes away when I ran into Michelle's brush. She hadn't cleaned it and it was ruined. She has lost painting privileges for a while.

Time seems to be flying by and some issues seem to never change. Some days I grow weary of it. Some days I just let it go. I can't allow one child's defiance to dictate my attitude. We have lived with defiant children before and know that one day they grow up. Sometimes they even grow up and realize that all that defiance got them nowhere.

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  1. I am at the same place with one about the same issues continually and they drag you slowly down. I have a five week break coming up this summer!! But now the other has gone into overdrive on pouting. I just pretend he's three and it helps :) Can't wait for June!