Wednesday, April 6, 2016


We have put a deposit down on a fence. When we put in our pool we didn't have any babies and didn't expect to have any. The pool was fine. The pool wasn't placed well to put a second fence around it! However, we can't move the pool so we are making do. It will be interesting to see how the yard turns out after the fence is put in. We are basically dividing the yard with a fence running from the house to the back fence. This will create a play area on the left side of the yard.

The back part of the yard has been underutilized and for a reason....our backyard neighbor who can't stand the sound of playing children. We are putting a small raceway back there for Benjamin. He will not be happy with the loss of his current speedway. The new speedway will not have a water feature.

The fence will run along the left side of the pool.

We had to move our swing to the opposite end.

Soon the view will be obstructed.

Our fence person said that the only way to guarantee that our little one doesn't climb over the fence is to electrify it. No, we aren't electrifying it but it is a warning that even with a fence you shouldn't get too complacent. We see the fence as something to slow our little one down. It will be a wooden fence to match the rest of our wooden structures. A fence running across the middle of your yard is a little hard to blend in! They are supposed to show up today with supplies if the weather holds. It has gotten cold here!


  1. Paint it once it's up to blend in! A green background goes a long way to making an eye sore blend into the background. Add some flowers and trees and it will be much less noticeable!

  2. I suggested barb wire, but the fence guy saw no humor. Benjamin will be over that fence as soon as he figures out how to climb it.