Tuesday, March 22, 2016


We have been busy with simply living our life day to day. Not much excitement in our household lately. Larissa went to Columbia one day and had lunch with Joselin. We had a good time and Joselin payed! I don't get that often.

Larissa did her usual ealy March dip. Benjamin saw her get in so he started stripping. He insisted on getting in as well. The water is too cold for my liking but the kids were swimming until we got another cold front in.

Blind drawing. Anthony didn't think it could be done but he tried. 

He insisted that I give it a go.

Benjamin has developed an obsession with keys. My keys. I haven't always been as diligent as needed and they are currently missing.

I continue to paint my table and hope to have it done in time for Easter. Anyone else have a big project going on at their house?


  1. Spring break here. Trying to balance dealing with behaviors and having fun with those who are cooperating.

  2. Lots of de-cluttering (mostly clothes and toys) and spring cleaning in our home but nothing too ambitious. I'm looking forward to yard work now that the weather is warming up!

  3. My house always seems to be a never ending big project. Since we homeschool, we don't have an official spring break, but we do have a week of no outside activities during the county spring break and we are overhauling the house!