Friday, March 18, 2016

Travel Plans

We have firmed up our travel plans for this year and added an unexpected trip. In June we are heading back up to NC to stay at the Bryson area. We enjoyed our last stay at Deep Creek the last time we went and we look forward to spending more time there this summer. We will not be doing tent camping, we will stay in cabins. We have reserved several and hope that some of the older kids will be able to make it. We also hope to meet up with Kathy . We met up with them a few months ago in FL and our kids get along great.

We have also long planned a cruise for the end of the year. We made the reservations a while ago thinking that we would make payments along the way. While that hasn't happened, we do have rooms all together. One of my brothers is talking about joining us and that would be great if he and his wife do.

Today we also decided to take a quick trip to Texas. I haven't seen my dad in years and rarely talk with him but I figure I should go see him. Southwest has pretty good prices. We will have to drive to Atlanta but 8 of us will fly for about $1500. None of the younger kids have flown so this should be interesting since we are out numbered. Thankfully the flight has no stops and is only about 2 hours long. Our hope is to make it to San Antonio as well as Houston. We are looking at rental cars and it appears that we will spend almost as much for a van. It is costly but I just don't feel like driving 24 hours for a 5 day trip.

We love to travel.  However, it is so expensive with all of the kids. We also did limited travelling when we were fostering because of our obligation to the foster kids. We didn't like to use respite care so planning cruises and flying were a challenge.

Anyone have exciting travel plans for this summer? We are trying to decide what to see next summer.


  1. Our summer will be all about the cross country move. No vacation this year!

  2. Next time you go to TX, we should meet in the middle in New Orleans!! That could be cool. Jealous about the cruise. Got an extra bed :) :)

    We are planning a train trip up the east coast hopefully clear to Maine--and back. I was so excited about the ticket prices until I realized I'd only calculated to Maine--no return trip!!!

  3. Train trip for 2019 when Jasmine graduates High school and the twins graduate middle school.