Friday, March 11, 2016


Larissa will not let me do her hair except for when she has to have it in a bun for dance.

Her hair is a little crazy looking right now. Sometimes she will pull it back into a pony tail or wear a headband but for the most part she wears it down.

I let her wear it however she wants. Every now and then I offer to do it for her but she says no.

Yesterday we went shopping and she struck up a conversation with a lady at Kohls. I was surprised because she doesn't normally talk with strangers. Their conversation led to a discussion on hair. Larissa told her that the kids at school teased her about her hair, when it was braided, beaded or down. It didn't seem to matter what she did, they made fun of her hair. She wishes that she had different hair. It seems to be a big area of teasing. Let me tell you, I love that lady. She told Larissa that they were all just jealous because she is pretty, tall, skinny and has nice full hair. She told her to do whatever she wanted with her hair. She did tell her to put more oil in it though to make it shine.

Larissa beamed. The lady works at Kohls and Larissa hopes that she will be there the next time we go. I hope that the employee knows what a boost she gave to my daughter. She didn't tell her anything that I hadn't already said, but coming from someone else made a big difference.

I hope that at some point I am able to give another child encouragement in some area as well. So simple to do but we rarely take the time to do so.


  1. Wow! I don't know you guys at all, but I LOVE Larissa's hair. The Kohl's lady is totally right. Those girls are jealous.

  2. Love her hair. Some people don't like anything that is a little unique.