Thursday, March 24, 2016


Seizures, mom who drank while pregnant. These are the things I hate. Larissa struggles to retain things. We cover stuff and then it is lost. So many tears cried in frustration. All because a woman exercised HER right to do what she wanted with her body while pregnant. The mom didn't pay the price for that choice, her child sure did though. We need rights for the unborn child.

I couldn't tell you how many times we have covered money both at home and in school. I believe that it is very important to be able to deal with money, count it, give the proper amount and ensure that you got the right change back. Yet every time we come back to it Larissa has not retained it. She is so frustrated by it. 

Dealing with money isn't the only knowledge she struggles to retain. Every night she goes to bed and has seizures. Every night she loses something. Put on top of the her FAS and it is tough. She suffers the consequences of someone else's actions.

Frequently I have been hearing a lot from the younger generation that it is their body and they can do what they want (I am not going into abortion here). That they are the mom and they know what is best. They are so worried about their rights that they forget that there is another person there with rights as well. The child should be able to come into this world without challenges that you have created. They should be able to continue to grow and flourish in a healthy matter with a mother who is always looking out for their best interest.

However, this isn't a perfect world. Children will continue to suffer the consequences of their parents choices. Every day these children come into foster care, every day a foster/adoptive parent struggles to help the children who have been given extra challenges in life through no fault of their own. Every day this makes me mad-sad.

Given motivation, get it right, keep the money.

  Benefits of homeschooling in an art studio, math followed by art.

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  1. Jasmine cannot count money and she's 9th. I tried telling the kids they needed to use x number of coins to make $1 or $2 and they could keep it and she can't do it. Can't figure out fractions for cooking either. Wish they'd have a practical math class for kids like her.