Tuesday, March 29, 2016


We had a lovely Easter at our house. First we went to church. John had to take Larissa home mid-service because she developed a headache quickly. She has had an increase in headaches. I have taken her to the eye doctor where they determined that she had a small deficiency in reading. It really wasn't bed but because of her headaches they went ahead and gave her glasses. Now we are looking to get back to the neurologist.

I have been working on my table, not quite finished but all the kids are on it.

We had a small crowd, Tasha, Ethan and Vaida brought Ethan's mom. It was nice to have both grandma's together.

It started raining so the outdoor egg hunt got cancelled. (Also explains Benjamin's wet socks and no pants, they got wet). We did a little egg hunt for the two littles.

They picked up on the idea of hunting for eggs pretty quickly. 
Benjamin was very excited about every find.

It was also Ethan's birthday so we celebrated that as well.

We missed some kids and friends but had a very nice time with everyone who did come. The table fit everyone perfectly. I will admit, we didn't color eggs. For some reason I have just tired of coloring eggs, Maybe we will do some next year.