Saturday, March 12, 2016


Things are going well with Michelle on the school front. She has brought her grades way up, some from failing to almost the 90's. She made student of the week for the first time!  We were all so excited for her. She was excited. She loved the attention it brought her.

So why am I frustrated? Because we are still dealing with the lying and lack of respect. She seems so shocked when she is caught lying, like she didn't think I would catch on. She defies any rule I give her thinking that she can get away with it. In the back of my mind I can't forget the day she told me that she always got away with lying in her other foster homes because they were stupid. Hmm, I am not stupid. She even acknowledges that I am not stupid. Yet it seems like every day she tries to get away with something. Every single day.

I guess that the things that she does get away with are enough to keep her going. You would think that she would get tired of missing out on stuff. She missed out on Zootopia this weekend (great movie by the way) for lying and defying the house safety rules.

It is frustrating because we would love to celebrate her school successes more. We want for her to be able to participate in the fun things that we do. I don't care to be in a daily battle to see if I can catch her. I have told her that regardless of whether I catch her or not, she knows what she is doing and that it is wrong.

Thankfully Emma has decided that lying is not the best course of action. She rarely lies anymore. She has learned that the consequences for lying are worse than the consequences for telling the truth. Often the things they are doing just need a correction. The girls have been here long enough that Emma has learned that I am really a softee. Michelle, not so much.



  1. We are having the same problem with Kayla. Total defiance. Her behavior was so poor at school and yet she'd act like a saint at AHG so I told her to write out the creed. That was months ago and she is refusing. She knows she misses everything until she writes it yet she won't do it. Spring break is in seven days.

  2. She mentions other foster homes... Has she just not come to terms yet that you are forever?