Sunday, January 3, 2016

The Couch Project

Our poor pitiful couch. We love that couch. it is nice and wide and can sleep several people at once. However, it has gotten a bit stinky and slouchy. Stinky as in dog!  I tell him he is not allowed on the couch and he doesn't listen!  I made him a doggy sleep areas with old comforters and he seems to like that so hopefully I can keep the dog off for a bit.

I started with two cushions (bottom and back). I took the cushions off and washed the covers. I was surprised to see that the bottom had a cover of down feathers.  Problem is the feathers were all gathered at the sides.  I fluffed and shiften a lot of feathers but haven't decided how to proceed with the bottoms. I may need to remove the feather layer because of bunching and get something else.

The back was easy, opened a box of poly-fil and stuffed them.

We enjoyed watching the poly-fil expand out of the box, cheap entertainment.

I had the kids get to work with cleaning under the couch.  Most of the stuff is theirs.

They said that they were finished until I picked up a piece of sectional.....

Our take for the day.

I decided to take the carpet out. It smelled like dog. I bought a new carpet cleaner but felt that it was futile to clean at this time.  All this rain means wet dog.  Wet dog means my carpet smells like a wet dog. It took 5 kids to move the carpet to the garage for storage.

Stuffed back.  A huge improvement.

Stuffed back and fluffed bottom with some stuffing in the corners.

I only show this side because this the only part that got finished.  I think that this is going to be a slow process. I had a friend ask me why my walls in here are beige.  No color! I tried several different colors but none of them looked good against the red brick. I do need to repaint in here, I might try some color again. I also need to do something with the blinds.  They needs cleaning but there are so many of them!  How do you clean your blinds?


  1. Cleaning blinds (shades) goes to a child in need of a job for a broken rule. Spray and wipe each individual slate.

  2. Amazing - you are fearless when it comes to repairing, remodeling, reorganizing, renovating. You are my RE guru.

  3. I agree wholeheartedly with Pam! I wouldn't even know where to begin!