Tuesday, January 5, 2016

30 Seconds

30 seconds, that is how long there was quiet at our house. Benjamin found a bottle of acrylic paint my husband had sat on the countertop. He is getting taller and wiser so not much is safe. No chemicals are stored in the cabinets. Doors are no longer safe.  He has figured out how to unlock them. I am trying to decide what type of lock I want to add higher up. Should I do a chain type lock or one that slides over (those were very effective with my father in law with Alzheimer's). Those will be purchased tomorrow for the back and front doors. I do worry about the windows in his bedroom.

He didn't try to drink the paint, it is nontoxic. He just did some finger painting. I will say he is a budding artist.

He was quite happy when I said this would require a bath, he loves bath time.

I decided that it was hair cutting time. With great sadness many of his baby curls are gone.  While cutting his hair he gained an interest in the scissors.  Hmmm, I expect a shorter haircut in his future. It is so hard to control curtain things with the older kids around.  He is forever covered in markers because they leave them laying around everywhere.

He cleaned up nicely.

First hair cut, I left a few curls in the back.

His sibling is due in April and I have been told he will be a boy.  I wonder if he will have the same level of intensity as Benjamin.  I tell everyone that Benjamin is a child with high intensity.  He plays, loves, tantrums with high intensity. By far he has been our most active, inquisitive, intelligent, willful child. Keeping him safe is a full time job!

At our request our home is closed (although we did receive a call to take a teenager, we said no).  We will not take his sibling.  Part of me is sad about this but I know that we are not able to take on more children. Our plate is full! I am so blessed to be able to stay home, we could not manage this number of children and have both of us working. I don't think that they would get their needs met. I am sure that there are some large families out there that do just fine with both parents working, but they must be exhausted!

If anyone has suggestions for door locks let me know. He watches people do things and figures out how to do whatever they are doing.  I am sure that he will figure out whatever lock I buy! Regardless, I need something to keep him in the house.


  1. We have the marker problem, too. Ry is constantly covered in marker. She hasn't figured out the doors yet...but she sure tries! We have alarms on all our outside doors already because of Lexi.

  2. We put keyed deadbolts on all of our exterior doors. The little ones can reach it, but can only open the door if the key is in the lock. We hang the key on a ribbon or string on a nail near the top of the door. So far my two high-intensity (great description!) toddlers haven't escaped. There are also cheap window locks that slide into the track of the window (tightens with a wing nut)-those would prevent him from opening the window far enough to get out. We figure that in an emergency, they're too little to get out on their own anyway, so fire safety is a non-issue. We could break the window in an emergency if necessary.