Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Pooky Bear

Fifteen years ago my husband retired from Hawaii to his home state of Michigan. We lasted one year in Michigan.  The record breaking snow that they had that year was enough for this Texan!  While in Michigan we acquired a kitten. We have other cats but she has always been the sweetest one. She didn't snap at the kids when they pestered her.  She was a great supplier of voles, often leaving them in our bedroom. She was more fur than anything.

She has been slowly declining.  On Sunday I could tell that she was dying. I told the kids. I sat and hed her for part of the day. When I went to bed I laid her in a blanket thinking that I might have to go and put her down if she started to show distress. In the morning I checked on her and she had passed away in the night.

A lot has happened in those 15 years.  Several moves and several kids added to our home. They were good years that passed so quickly and Pooky Bear had a good life with not many health problems until recently.

I had some sad kids and lots of discussions.  We buried her in the backyard and said our farewells. I know it was time for her to go but I will miss the old days where she hung out on my desk and sat on any papers I needed.

Goodbye sweet Pooky Bear.


  1. Always so very sad to lose a fur-baby. Praying for you and the kids as you transition to life without her.

  2. Sorry for your loss. Thankful she passed away from natural causes. It's too hard seeing them die violently!!

  3. So heartbreaking losing a little animal - we've been there.