Saturday, January 16, 2016

Fairy Houses

We had some fun making fairy doll house with salt containers. Actually this project can be made with any tube.  The girls are eyeballing the oatmeal container.

The girls designed their doors and windows and I cut them out.  They were actually very easy to cut with a knife.

For the roof we used thin cardboard from items such a cereal boxes and such. I cut a circle about 1 1/2 inches bigger than the salt container size and then we cut up to the center and cut off a piece of cardboard. There is no exact measurement on this because they were all different.  We slid it together until each girl got the shape they wanted.  We then stapled it together.

At this point it is all about decoration. We covered our in felt but they could be painted or covered in any type of material.

After covering in felt we used small pointed scissors to cut out the windows and doors.

We put tea lights in them to light them up.  They did look pretty lit up but I need to add a caution here.  Those tea lights have those little button batteries that are dangerous to little ones when swallowed.  Benjamin grabbed one and was able to open it very quickly to get to the battery.  We are gathering up all our tea lights and putting them out of his reach.

Emma did some felting and then added some stickers.

Larissa cut out many small shapes of felt for hers.

She really enjoyed it and spent a lot of time designing hers.

With an opening cut in the back it becomes a mini playhouse.

Larissa worked on hers after Benjamin was in bed.

We used two types of glue.  When working with felt thicker glue is best. This Fabri-tac glue is expensive and smells awful but works great and dries quickly.

Tacky glue is cheaper but takes longer to dry.  
We didn't have any problems with it bleeding through the felt.

 Add a mini fairy doll for some play fun. Next we need some mini furniture.


  1. Wow! They are all beautiful! My boys would probably love to make these.

  2. Awesome. You guys are so clever

  3. Adorable!! You have the best craft ideas!