Monday, January 11, 2016


The other day I was reading an article that talked about the benefits of chores for children. Our children do have assigned chores. I think that it is important that they contribute. I don't think tha they have a lot of chores although they disagree. Our chores are divided into four areas and rotate weekly. One person takes out trash and picks up and cleans the family room.  One person cleans the kitchen table and sweeps the dining room floor (because they always wipe everything onto the floor), another one empties the dishwasher and sweeps the kitchen floor and the last one loads the dishwasher.  Individually they are responsible for their bedrooms, putting away their laundry and cleaning their bathroom.

I don't think that they have too many chores.  However, they must.  Getting them to do their chores well is a challenge.  They want me to point out everything that they have missed.  By time I do that numerous times it would have been easier to do it myself. Lately I have told them that if I have to keep checking then they can head to bed and I will finish, chore time is after dinner. I have only had Emma test that once.

I also have extra chores.  I can see that my stairs need cleaning so I will either offer it for a treat or leave it for someone to do who comes home with a yellow.

Benjamin has his chores too.  He was trying to drag his load a laundry up the stairs before dad offered to help him.

He loves to help the dishwasher person, to the point of becoming a hindrance.  He likes to get in the dishwasher to help. So his chore at choretime is to feed Charlie. He takes his job seriously!

He feeds him then sits there and tells Charlie to eat. Pointing out the food helps Charlie to find it.

How are chores at your house? Do you have chores? Am I the only one who struggles with kids who underachieve in the chore area?


  1. Mine think they are the only children with chores! You should hear them complain over cleaning their own bathroom.

  2. We have chores. In the summer it's a very structured thing. During the school year, it's less. During the week, our chore time is limited. Each kid has a kitchen chore. They do the chore for a whole month. The kitchen chores are loading the dishwasher, unloading, wiping counters, wiping both tables, and vacuuming the kitchen and under the tables. On weekends, they have an additional chore. This also lasts for a month. Tidy and vacuum the family room, tidy and vacuum the living room/dining room, clean the sliding glass doors and vacuum the laundry room and hallway, clean the downstairs bathroom, and clean and vacuum the playroom. They also put away their own laundry. I keep a handful of extra chores on hand for those who are abusive to the house or who pitch a fit about doing their regular chores, or for those who want to earn some money. It works pretty well. I usually have at least one slacker/complainer, but for the most part, they have it down. K has finally figure out how to do the loading properly. She's almost always my complainer/slacker. The others are pretty efficient. On Saturdays, they're not allowed to do anything at all until chores are done. A few Saturdays spent doing and re-doing chores until chores were done right was a very good way to encourage hard work and efficiency. LOL!

  3. I recently came up with a chore chart with points earned for each chore done. without me hounding. it's up to them to earn the points. and the more points they earn..the more rewards they earn. so far it's been a life saver with my middle son...