Sunday, June 15, 2014

What a Week

First, we did not celebrate Father's day today.  Sarah put off making breakfast until John is feeling better.  He has been sick since Monday.  He was told that he had a virus.  I think that he had more than a virus.  Just my opinion that isn't worth much.  I just know that I have felt like a single parent all week.  It wasn't too bad until this weekend and the baby got sick.  Little Man did not want me to put him down.  He would fall asleep and I would hold him for a while and eventually put him down.  Within 10 minutes he was up and screaming.....every time.

After getting up this morning Larissa came down complaining about her ear hurting.  I called someone from my church and asked them to come to my house to pick up props I had painted and I headed out to acute care with Larissa.  I just knew that she had swimmers ear and I was correct.  She got some ear drops and is sharing them with Emma who is complaining about the same ear pain.  We will start using a preventative after they are healed.

Tomorrow we have a fire inspection.  I haven't had time to clean the house or check the batteries in the alarms.  I did at least buy the batteries.  We had to put another alarm in our bedroom and that got put up today.  Our fire extinguisher was checked on Friday.  I need to find my house chart to put up on the refrigerator and check the house for chemicals.  I little picking up in the morning and we should be fine.

On a positive note Sarah's cat has peed.  I know that sounds like an odd thing to celebrate but I was very excited.  We had brought her cat home from the vet after I received instruction on how to expel his pee.  He had nerve damage and couldn't pee on his own.  We aren't sure how he got the damage but the result is he couldn't pee or move his tail.  Several times a day I had to go and help the cat to pee.  One night I went to check on his and his bladder was small.  (Yes, I can now find a cats bladder).  We checked the litter box and he had peed in there!  I was so happy, we had been worrying what we would do if he was not able to recover from the damage.  I can see that he has control of the top portion of his tail but the bottom still drags.  Hopefully the healing will continue to the end of the tail.

I actually have a lot to write about but am so tired!  If the baby sleeps tomorrow I will be back.

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