Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Lots of finished Projects and a Celebration

When Tasha and Ethan got married a few Weeks ago we planned on having a celebration in our backyard. This meant that we needed to finish some planned projects.

One project was a pathway to the shed where pool equipment is kept.  All the inflatables and such are stored there.  Every time someone ran from the pool to the shed and back they brought a lot of sand into the pool.  That problem was fixed by John and Michelle who loved hammering.

Some friends gave us some rocks so we made a simple fire pit.  Our budget was running low so something free was great!  It works.


In true procrastination fashion I started building a Tiki Bar a few days before the party.  I did finish most of it.  I still need to build some shelving in the back and make a sign.

I finished a built in bench seat on the patio.  This was a cheap, quick and easy project.

I asked John to make me a table from the Ana White site.  It came out great.

They had a great turn out for their celebration. Of course it rained off and on throughout the evening.

We had decided to put the food inside and were glad that we did.  We made hamburger and kalua pork sliders along with fruit and accompanying foods.

We tried out our new Margaritaville machine and it worked great.  The virgin pina colatas were great.

Naturally we also had cake.

and photo ops.

With all that work done we can now sit down and relax for a moment.  I need to paint a new scene for church by Sunday and the girls room needs a make over.  Their castle bed has been sold and they have told me what they want in their room so I never have to worry about being bored.  I also have a few dressers to paint for little girls recently born and a future granddaughter.

How is your summer so far?


  1. You're amazing...just sayin'! And I love the photo of the girls in the coconut bras. Cracks me up!

  2. It all looks great. You are very ambitious.

  3. I'm worn out just reading that. Love the bench and table! Wish I had that kind of talent.