Thursday, June 5, 2014

Let Them Be Children

This has actually been a rant of mine for a while.  Finding clothing that is appropriate for children when everything is made to be sexualized.  Finding little girl dresses for my girls who love to wear dresses.  My kids do not have cell phones and unlimited access to the internet or mature shows.  We try very much to keep our children as children.

However, it is hard.  This year Michelle asked me for Under Armour clothing.  This is the first time she requested certain name brand clothing.  I did buy her two the clearance rack.  I guess that they are last years color or style but Michelle didn't know that, she was delighted. She also started with a lot of inappropriate talk at other homes and on the bus. 

I wondered who was wearing Under Armour and who she was trying to impress with her talk.  Then I went to her end of year ceremony.  Next to Michelle sat a girl who didn't look as though she belonged in the third grade classroom.  Her eye brows were waxed, hair highlighted and enough make-up on that I could see it from across the room.  During the class video I could see that she didn't have this look earlier in the year, there was no great bushy need to wax her eyebrows. I thought to myself, what else do her parents have to give her when she hits older milestones?

I have seen kids in the third grade with cell phones and walking around with IPad's.  I have sat and listened to them talk at dance and it scares me.  Our children aren't children anymore.  I feel as though I am fighting an uphill battle in keeping my children as children. 

The last two years the kids have gone to a day camp that was sponsored by our local recreation department.  This year we are not sending them.  Last year Larissa had problems with a 7 year old boy asking her for sex!  Uh, not what we want our kids exposed to just yet.

I feel that they have only a short time to be kids.  All those responsibilities will come soon enough.  I even tell my older kids to slow down and they don't believe me until they are out in the world.  Sarah is our first child to take advantage of staying at home and going to college.  She gets to concentrate on college and has made the Dean's list. 

So I wonder, is it just me?  Am I just being "old fashioned" by wanting my kids to be kids?  Do any other parents feel this way?  What are your thoughts?

For this summer, my kids will be kids.  They are going to spend their summer swimming, playing, fighting and doing some academics.  We will be working hard on some behaviors and attachment. the next school year will come all too soon.


  1. I feel the same way. Kida are no longer given a chance to just be kids and play and enjoy childhood. The downside of technology and the internet I guess. What happened to playing in the garden making mud pie and perfume from petals?

  2. Hi I totally agree with you. My grand daughter is 2 and her parents are looking at putting her into 3 Year old Kindergarten. Too early! ! When does she get to be a kid if not now when she ctually is a kid.

  3. I totally agree that kids need to be kids and while they are kids. Its time they can never get back. I have a 2 year old grandaughter who could be going to 3 year old kindy next year. They start school far too early.

  4. My third graders just got the little iPod shuffles for their 9th bds. It's their first electronics. They don't have game boys or any of that. We have Wii but it hasn't been used most of the school year just due to the hw load. All our games are kids games. I check Plugged In online before letting them see movies. Our summer will be a lot like yours. The twins go to peanuts camp at TMI and that's all for away time. They'll be in hip hop but I'm right there watching.

  5. I agree. My oldest (6) has a little friend down the street, same age, who walks around with an iPhone....

  6. I love this post! I have 7 kids aged almost 17 to 3. My oldest two are girls. The oldest got an ipod for her 16th birthday and not the newest on the market. She has been hinting at a phone for her 17th. Maybe! My girls only wear makeup for dance recitals or just clear lipgloss. They police their clothes and what is appropriate to wear even more than I do. They are teaching their little sisters who are 6 and 3 how to be modest young ladies.

  7. I totally agree with you! I feel like I have to fight for my kids to stay kids! We are considered weird for not having a tv, limiting computer and electronic time, and expecting the kids to play outside together! I figure that if I somehow survived growing up without electronics, so will they! ;)

    (I'm your longtime blogstalker. I love your blog, your take on life, and your amazing family. I read every post but hardly ever comment though...cuz I'm a creepy blogstalker hehehe)