Monday, June 16, 2014

Room Redo in Progress.

Top of my project list is the girls bedroom.The girls decided that they had outgrown the castle bed so we sold it to a family with a little Princess.

The room is kind of a hodge podge of stuff right now.

I found this outside the window, a remnant of our last guests.

I attempted to paint one wall gray.  The strangest thing happened, the layer of paint underneath started peeling away!  In sheets!  I have never had this happen before.  The section below is more than 3 feet high.

It was so easy to peel away.

The paint seemed to be bonded well.  There was no bubbling or peeling.  we found that if we soaked the paint it would peel.  It is latex on latex paint.

I gave the girls free reign to peel the wall as much as they like because I can't paint it until the paint that likes to peel is gone.  They wet it with a wash cloth and then peel.  Anyone ever had this happen?  I have been painting for decades and never saw this before.

We are in the process of designing beds and such at this time.  Lots of ideas and little money. 

Larissa and Michelle are sharing a bedroom.  Emma is not ready to join them and may not be for some time.  Tomorrow I will post about Emma's challenges with summer.


  1. I want a wall to peel!!! I love to peel things.

    1. Ha, I did have a friend stop by and she started peeling. It is addictive.

  2. When I was a little girl, I remember this happening in our house. I think the problem was that latex was used over oil based paint. So strane since both of your paints were latex based. Happy peeling!