Friday, June 20, 2014

No Progress

Due to the heat wave, lack of air conditioning and a cranky baby I have made no progress in anything!  Funny, the cranky baby isn't so cranky when floating in the pool!  I am not quite as cranky either. 

My plans tomorrow are to get Larissa's desk painted.  I need to find a desk for Michelle or have her pick one sitting around the house.  I hope to also pack up more of my art studio and put younger legs to work moving everything.  I have designed the girls beds so I might just write up a sketch and post it tomorrow when I post pictures of the finished desk.  Hopefully promising to post pictures will motivate me to finish/start something.

It is almost July! The summer is flying by and I feel as though we haven't done anything!  We really didn't plan for much this summer after John and I cancelled our cruise.  We will go to the Orlando area in August.  This is a short trip that we haven't budgeted for so we will be looking for some very inexpensive things to do.  If anyone is from that area give me some ideas!  Sarah really wants to go to Harry Potter World.  Doing that will put us back about $1000!  Taking 7 to any activity is very expensive.  I haven't made any reservations or bought any tickets yet.  This is not my normal way of planning.

What is everyone else up to?  Any big projects or vacations?  Or is everyone else about as broke as I feel?


  1. I'm working on trying to find some awesome accommodations for you at much lower prices. Don't make any reservations quite yet, or if you do, make sure you can cancel without penalty. I have great ideas for fun, less expensive things you can do, too. Not sure Universal is going to be the best bet for you on this trip. The new extension of Harry Potter is opening in July, and you can expect it to be ridiculously crowded. It won't be worth your money if you take everyone. You'll spend the whole day in line. Not worth $1000.

  2. We are skipping our normal trip to IN this summer. We are going to Universal when we have to take Jasmine to Shands July 17. Wish that's when you'd be there!

    1. I may take Emily's recommendation and go to Universal when the weather is cooler. The kids can miss a day or two of school. Will you be around in August? Thinking of whipping around your way if you are. Next summer we will be heading up north.