Friday, June 20, 2014

Hot Summer Days

We have had a nice little heat wave this week. It just happens to coincide with our downstairs air conditioning unit going down. It happened on Sunday and the earliest we could get anyone out is Saturday.  Thankfully we have an upstairs A/C unit so it doesn't get too much above 80 downstairs.

In the meantime, we cool off the best way we can. (At least those who aren't on restriction do.)

Foster baby status....nothing.  Biomom says she has done everything.  DSS worker is leaving today and a new one will be assigned.  Perhaps we will have some progress after that happens.  We still feel strongly that he will be going to family.  Our adoption homestudy is finally finished (took forever to get my moms fingerprints) and our plan is to stop taking foster placements so that we can look for an adoptive placement.  We are ready to get our forever kids and work with them versus  the endless cycle of foster kids and their issues.  In the last year we have had 12 foster kids.  With each placement everyone has to make new adjustments, form attachments and then say goodbye.  Time to stop, really.  I just will have to ignore the phone calls that I know we will get.

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