Friday, October 4, 2013

What a Week

It has been one of those weeks where everything happens. I haven't had a boring moment.

I started the week off answering the door in my pj's.  Last week we had called the well folks about the well which we spent a lot of money on.  It wasn't working.  Naturally it didn't run when we needed it most, to fill the pool.

They showed up bright and early on Monday morning.  I can't complain about their response, just my laziness in getting my day going.  All my plans for that day were cancelled.

They had to drive their truck in around the pool.  I told them that if they cracked my concrete I would cry.

First he drove in forwards.

however, he couldn't position the truck correctly so he backed out.

The he backed in.

All around my pool with a guide because there was less than a foot of clearance.

Apparently the well was wired wrong.  We paid an electrician $800 to blow out our pump.  Actually there were two options; either the pump would burn out or a weak section of pipe would burst.

Thankfully a weak section of pipe had burst.  Yep, the very last section 500 feet down.  They got to pull out all the pipe to find the problem.

There guys were good, I didn't cry that day.

Monday was a busy day.  The pool pump was telling me that there wasn't a flow.  I backwashed it and checked all the filters.  Still it claimed no flow although I could tell it was.  I called them in the morning and they made it out right after the well guys.  Thankfully they were able to fix that issues quickly and easily.

The pool is in operation.  This last week we had beautiful weather and Larissa has chosen swimming as her exercise.  I will post pool progression pictures after the ladder is in.

Monday night was women's Bible study.  On the way home is went a route I normally don't take.....and hit a deer.  I braked fast and hard but still clipped him on the right front of John's Toyota Corolla.  (Sorry dear)  Even he wondered why I took that way home since I really normally go another way.  Something pushed me to go that way.  Strange. 

The next morning when John looked at the damage he realized that wire was sticking out of the wheels.  It is surprising that I didn't blow a tire.  We knew that he needed new tires, just didn't realize that it needed to be done now.  Our budget is blown but he has new tires.

Tuesday I got the physicals done for Emma and Michelle.  They needed to be done for our adoption homestudy.  I am slowly plugging away on that even though we aren't in a position to take any placements right now. Our short term foster kids are looking to be longer term.  Not permanent, just longer.

Tuesday evening we had our foster parent meeting.  I was nominated for the secretary position and John for the treasurer.  Do we have time for that, probably not.  Was anyone else nominated, no.

Wednesday the weather was extra beautiful here so we decided to have a pool party.  We invited my mom's aide and her grandchildren.  We swam, ate hot dogs and roasted marshmallows. the pool is in but there is still a beach worth of sand to deal with and no seating area yet.  Didn't matter, everyone had a great time.

We picked Kassi up this week and went to lunch and shopping.  It went well until the end when Larissa started crying.  Kassi cheered her up by buying her some junk food. 

Homeschooling was rather informal this week.  Larissa is really struggling with some basics so we put the books aside and are working more on the foundations.  I am also dealing with her very low self-esteem.  Last year she struggled and so she has no confidence when it comes to bookwork.  Next week I hope to get back on track and have some fun things planned.  It wasn't too bad of a week, Larissa finally gained enough confidence in the pool to jump into the deep end and swim the length of the pool.  Jumping into the deep end was such a huge hurdle for her.

We also had a police visit this week.  my IPad has been missing.  I figured that it had been misplaced since Larissa was the last one to use it.  I kept sending her on searches and she kept telling me that she left it on my desk.  I started receiving some disturbing photos on my Apple photo stream and got an aha moment.  The last teen foster kid who came through our home had taken it.  She must have taken it in her backpack to school the day she moved.  I called her foster parent and she said that she had it and had told them that I gave it to her because we are rich.  Nice to know about the rich part!  Of course, once confronted she changed her tune and refused to return it.  She grabbed it and tried to run away.  Crazy.  DSS told me to call the police and get an incident report.  Now I feel bad about all those searches that I sent Larissa on!  She forgave me.

Tomorrow I hope to get up early to go to some garage sales.  John told me today that he would like to take a craft item to work for a United Way fundraiser.  I will be looking for something to upcycle/paint.  Hopefully I will get up and go!

Sarah has made some brownies so I must go (while they are hot).

So, how was your week?


  1. That stinks about the iPad. Hope you get it back.

  2. I thought mine was bad, but not nearly as eventful as yours! Good gracious! Hope this week is better!