Sunday, October 27, 2013

Renaissance Festival 2013

We headed back up to North Carolina for the Renaissance Festival today. This required a lot of coordination. I had to get someone to sit with my mom and a foster family took my foster kids for the day. We are not allowed to take them out of state unless we have prior approval.

The weather was beautiful and the crowds were not bad at all today. 

At the first show we went to Larissa got picked to be a juror.  There were three jurors and each had a line to say and Larissa did a great job. 


I got picked for a role too.....


I got sprinkled.

The girls got to do the bounce thingy.  (Not sure what it is called)

Larissa went the highest.  She wanted to flip but was scared to do so.

Emma was the most timid and had no interest in flipping.

Then Michelle flipped.

After watching Michelle flip Larissa regretted not flipping.  She talked about it all afternoon.

It was Halloween weekend so the kids got in for free and they had trick Or Treating at all the little shops.  The kids ate candy all day long. (The yellow bags were supplied at the entrance)

We enjoyed the shows.

Michelle was chosen to be a plate holder.  She was delighted.


Emma started the day with a face painting, it didn't last long.  She added chocolate covered marshmallow to the mix.

I loved the little dragon incense burner that this lady made.  Joselin bought me one.  I was surprised, I am not used to my kids buying stuff for me.

We watched a little of this puppet show but left in the middle of it.  Some of the shows are for adults only and I am not sure if this was one or not.  The content had a little too much adult content for me.

On the way out we went past the bounce thingy.  I decided to spend $6 and let Larissa try to flip.  I know that if she didn't try to flip she would fret over it until next year.  $6 seemed like a small price for a do-over.  Yes, she flipped and she talked about how she flipped for the rest of the day, money well spent.

There is so much to see at the renaissance festival.

(The secret to how short people get their picture taken.)

Next year, we plan on dressing out again.


  1. We love the Renaissance Festival, it comes here in the spring. I don't like to take the kids though, because I LOVE Ded Bob and the Tortuga Brothers, but they are not appropriate for kids, lol. I think we'll alternate years when the kids go, and years when we go alone. It looks like you all had a blast, I'm glad you were able to go!

  2. Those festivals are so much fun! I'm glad everyone had a good time, and glad Larissa got to do her flip. =)

  3. yes that puppet show is very adult content

    1. Did you see them at a festival? Many of the shows have some adults jokes that just go over the kids heads. The puppet show was just too much and some of it wasn't over my kids heads.

  4. You're such a good Mom! And yay for Larissa flipping!!