Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Stress Reliever

My biggest stress reliever is painting. A few months ago I purchased this small chest of drawers for $50.  It has been sitting in the middle of my dining room waiting for me.  I figured that when I got some housekeeping done I could start on it.  I finally realized that I would never get the housekeeping done so I went ahead and did the project.

When looking for furniture to paint I look for solid wood furniture and my price point is typically $50, unless it is a really unique piece.  Sometimes the furniture needs a lot of work and I can get it cheaper.  This one was in excellent shape so it didn't need much prep at all.  I sell my furniture for a small profit so I can afford to buy another piece.  If I kept everything I painted you wouldn't be able to walk in my house.

This was actually a very simple project.  For painting all I had to do was take off the knobs, clean and lightly sand it. 

For the zig-zag I used a new tape product that I found at Lowe's called Shape Tape from Frogtape.  It was a little costly (about $14) but I loved it.  For this chest of drawers I used less than one roll of tape and best of all there was no bleed through.

I did strip the knobs and reuse them.  This was a very simple project and was completed in two evenings during commercial breaks.

I found another little chest of drawers for $50 so my next project is sitting in the garage.

So share, what do you do to relieve stress?

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  1. I love it!!! It's beautiful! To relieve stress I sleep. LOL! When that isn't possible (most of the time) I quilt. I love quilting. I'm working on quilted Christmas pillows for my step-mom and aunties right now.