Monday, October 7, 2013


The weather here was hot over the weekend.....about 90 degrees hot. It gave us one last opportunity to enjoy the pool.

The kids are coming along.  Anthony swims well in the shallow end.  He can swim underwater the entire length.  However, he is afraid of the deep end.  I imagine that he will conquer the deep end once the slide is put in.

I have told all the kids that to do the slide they have to be able to jump into the deep end and then swim the entire length of the pool.

Emma has been my most timid swimmer.  She has not been really getting in and trying...until yesterday.  She is now moving along and quite proud of herself.

Larissa is my best swimmer.  She is the only one who loves jumping into the deep end and swimming the length of the pool.  She wakes up wanting to swim and wants to swim before bed time.

Michelle is somewhere between the abilities of Emma and Anthony.  Unfortunately she lost swimming privileges for the weekend. 

I laid out some of our old pavers and placed my swing in a position to sit and watch the kids.  I need to reseal the swing put have been really enjoying the location.  The budget for the pool landscaping is zero so everything we do at this time is with our labor with what items we have around the yard.

The weather is turning cooler this week so this may be the last swim of the season.  Today it is rainy and cooler.

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