Saturday, June 8, 2013

Sarah's Bedroom Makeover

A lot has happened in our household in the last week.  I will backtrack a bit to Sarah's bedroom makeover.

To confuse you, the girls were moved to the master bedroom and Sarah moved to their pink bedroom.  Kassi moved to the FROG.  I promised Sarah that I would repaint the pink bedroom sometime. 

Sometime came the week before we left for Disney.  Tasha took Sarah to Charleston for the week so I could work on the room.  Sarah requested a ceiling fan, curtains and a place for her concert posters. Beyond that, she gave me total freedom to do whatever I wanted.

Before (after I emptied the closet)

  I decided to do a very dark purple on two walls and white on the other two.  On one purple wall I planned on painting dandelions.
In Sarah's bedroom she has a full size bed and a twin bed for when one of the other girls come for a visit.  It can be used as an extra bed or for seating.

This was a very low cost project so I needed to come up with a very cheap way to hang many different sized poster items.  I am not big on taping posters to the wall.  I finally came up with this idea....... I put cup hooks on the trim of both windows.

Then I put string going across the space.

I bought some little cheap clothespins at Walmart.

It came out great. 
Sarah can change her items out very simply and easily. 
This project cost less than $10.

For curtains I used the flat sheets from the new sheet sets.  Sarah already had a grey furry comforter so I decided to go with a purple, grey and yellow color combination.

We had bought the ceiling fan a while back.  It was the biggest cost of the entire room makeover.

I also painted Sarah's favorite saying on the wall. 

She was very happy with her makeover and enjoyed doing it for her.
What do you think?


  1. Totally love that hanging poster idea and the wall came out beautiful!

  2. Love the colors. Very clever way to hang the posters.