Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Disney Part 2

So how was Disney?  Great.  Every time we go to Disney we have a different experience.  We stayed at one of the Disney resorts so we were able to use their transportation.  This was important to us because we had young adults, teens and little ones.  Having the ability to come and go at separate times was a great option.

We also got the military dining plan.  This was also a great choice because food is often a big part of our budget on vacations.  Having all the food prepaid for was a great benefit.  We also had one meal reserved each day and this allowed all the separate groups to come together at one point during the day. 

Most of the time John and I took the little ones and occasionally we would have some other kids tag along for periods of time.  The kids also broke off into groups that changed frequently.  There were lots of options for everyone.  On the last night the teens took the little ones and John and I were able to go on a date.  That was very nice!

One day we met with Kathy who I met over the internet.  We have been talking so long that it was nice to finally be able to meet up.  It felt like I was meeting up with an old friend.  We knew each others kids and issues which made for a nice afternoon.  It is nice to talk with someone who understands what types of issues you are dealing with on a daily basis.

Rain, we got lots of it.  It didn't stop us. Actually the last day we were there a tropical storm was coming through.  That was actually the best day!  It was cooler and the rides we went on didn't have any lines.  We had the most relaxed, less crowded day that day.

Things we learned....Larissa does not do well with heat, lots of walking and she needs an IV drip of food.  I am not sure if it her medication or just her metabolism, but she was miserable by the afternoon and got carried by several of us.  The last day when it rained all day was her best day.

All the other kids tolerated the heat and walking just fine.  Fighting was at a minimal level and everyone got along reasonably well. 
Thursday night came our biggest challenge.  I paid a friend to stay at the house to watch my mom.  However, she is not able to change diapers.  I was paying the aide who has worked with my mom for a year to come to the house and change my mom.  It was working fine until Thursday night when she didn't show up.  I was able to get a nurse friend to go to the house but it totally stressed out my friend. This aide comes to our house 5 days a week through a program for the elderly.  I was paying her extra to come later in the day.  Now I am not sure what to do about the situation with the night time issue because it is separate from the day job.  It has also become apparent that she is also taking small things like sodas and toilet paper.  I am not sure what all she helps herself to but it is apparent that she is.  It makes me wonder how much of my increase in grocery bills is due to her taking stuff.  My mom really likes her and is comfortable with her.  Ugh. 
We do have my mom on a waiting list for a nursing home.  I really should look at other homes because this home is the best in the area and the waiting time is at least a year. This trip has made me realize that we just can't take another family vacation as long as my mom is still in the home.  Having to rely on others to do their job is difficult.  I haven't called the company that employs my moms aide because I am so torn.  If I find her a home in the next few months then why have her get used to a new aide.  However, I don't feel that we can trust her in our home.  More ugh.
So, we are back and trying to get into our summer groove.  I haven't made any phone calls about the aide and everyone is wondering when I am going to do it.  I am trying to get my house and garages in order and trying to determine what to do with myself.  I passed all my praxis licensing teacher exams and have only applied to a job in my county.  Not sure if working outside the home is the right thing for my family right now.  I feel very much afloat right now and am trying to decide what direction I need to go.
Later.....all about our new and unexpected car!

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  1. We need much, much longer to talk. Also so you can meet the twins. Watching them with their "games" is very enlightening. Kayla wouldn't be with the group for more than ten minutes without trying to take charge using one of her three games. You'd recognize them right off. Most people read them wrong and think she's shy, or she's unsure of what she wants or just wants to fit in. Other adoptive parents would see right through it. I call her on them now. Like when she brought home the field day paper, she said, "I already told my teacher you wouldn't be there." I call it her "making my own plans/rules" mode. I don't know if she wants me to react with, oh of course I'll be there. But instead I said, "Oh that's too bad because last year when I came to watch you I took lots of pictures for your scrapbook and bought you a snack. But since you've already told your teacher I won't be there, I"ll plan something else for that day. Maybe Jessica and I will go out for lunch." :)